Customised WildLife Tour

  • Wildlife photography or holidays to wilderness areas has different – to different group of people. We believe that every person has his or her own reason to visit tiger reserves on holiday. We especially design wildlife tour packages to tiger reserves as per need of specific individual or group. A serious wildlife photographer may be interested in spending more time and money inside the tiger reserve to get more chance to spot and photograph wildlife though full day safaris cost more than amateur photography enthusiast who would prefer to spend less and cover more area.

    Wildlife tour packages to tiger reserves and itineraries can be different than what we have suggested and especially made as per your requirement. Birding enthusiasts may want to see and photograph more species of birds for which they should spend some time in buffer region as well.

    Just let us know your specific requirement and a perfect wildlife tour package will be designed and sent for approval. Just keep one thing in mind, plan at least 4 months in advance since tiger reserves have limited entry permits and getting permit for good area of forest is important. Even your stay can be as per your specific requirement, although we have own resort at Kanha Tiger Reserve but if you prefer more luxurious property we can arrange same.